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Napster "To-Go" vs. iTunes

30 May 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Although I don’t plan on renewing or paying for anything on Napster, I’m all-over the all-you-can-eat downloads in the Free Trial. Whenever you use iTunes it’s always so stressful since you’re paying for music you can’t really get a feel for — a 30 second sample just isn’t enough. I love having the Napster-To-GO Trial to preview, then being able to buy whatever music doesn’t suck on iTunes later on. Depending on your success, you might actually SAVE money by paying the $15 a month so you won’t get stuck downloading songs or albums that actually suck.

So, how could iTunes implement a fantastic service without the limitations? Let’s see — what if they threw together an option where you could return music within 7 days or something if it sucked for store credit. (would appear as a gift certificate) Or even a similar service to Napster’s would cause quite a stir… Napster wouldn’t have an ad campaign anymore! Ha. Steve, say the word and finish burying the cat. (ouch, that was a low-blow)

One last thing I noticed, Napster’s music store’s interface was a lot nicer than Apple’s — they could really take a page out of their book and make things a lot less bland. I love how Napster’s appeals to teens like myself, yet isn’t over-teenish. Pretty slick if you ask me.

Anyway, if you want a Napster-To-GO free trial — check it out. You’ve really got nothing to lose for the first week, just make sure you make up your mind before then. All-in-all, I’ve really enjoyed my “iTunes Accomplice” over the past few days and found it a great way to discover some new and old music from my favorite artists.

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