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Spotlight on Grand Theft Auto 2's Music (GTA2)

09 Jul 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Grand Theft Auto 2 for the original Playstation was one of my favorite games. Of course, it’s now available for FREE download (GTA2) from Rockstar Classics (totally legal), which adds to the awesomeness of the game. The PC version was the best one, especially because you could play at night time as well.

Anyway, back then, the game was a lot more silly. On the Playstation, the ‘O’ button on the controller was dedicated to burping and farting while walking around. (This was removed for GTA3.) However, the overall feel of the game was a lot better, and GTA3 was my overall favorite due to its similarities to its predecessor. (Cool Fact: GTA3 was the last of the series, so far, to feature both a residential, commercial, and industrial area as before.)

The radio stations in GTA2 were a complete joke. There were goofy commericals for drugs and whacko DJs. One of the stations, I believe, is for a religious fanatics. One of the songs, by “Reverend Rooney and the Rocksta Choir” goes: “Je-sus my saaaaviour!! My faaavorite flaaavor!” …LOL. :D Then he goes on to talk about Angel Dust while people are cheering in the background… haha.

Since the game’s available for free download now, I think I can offer this song off the game’s soundtrack for free, as well. Enjoy.
God Bless All The Universe.mp3 (4.1MB)

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