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The morning after "Google Talk" broke loose

24 Aug 2005  |  Tags:

Well I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s had their Instant Messenger slashdotted, lol. This morning I was presented with HUNDREDS of Buddy Invites, going down both sides of my screen. Don’t worry, I approved all of them!

I just logged-in to Google Talk this mor

Anyway, Google Talk seems like it’s a success. Google made their own client available around midnight last night, while Mac/Linux and some Windows users are still using iChat, Gaim, and the like. Skype must like “well, we’re screwed.” :)

(12:47 PM EST, Aug. 24, 2005) UPDATE: I just reached 1000 buddies on Google Talk. Keep ‘um coming! Bring it on!!

Anyway, feel free to still hit up my Google Messenger if you haven’t already (address shown below):

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