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Let's Hear It for My Friends' Band

25 Sep 2005  |  Tags:

These guys I know (identical-twins Tyler and Lee) are in a band called “Clap your hands, Say Yeah”… they’re actually doing pretty well. Today they’ve been written up in the NY Times.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - the name comes from graffiti in Brooklyn, home of the drummer Sean Greenhalgh; the guitarist and keyboardist Robbie Guertin; and Tyler and Lee Sargent, identical twins who play bass and guitar (Tyler) and keyboards (Lee) - lost its geeky personality over the summer and has become something of a phenomenon. The band is known as much for its music as for not signing with a record label. Backed by blogs, word of mouth and influential music Web sites, the band’s shows in New York and Philadelphia were packed with shaggy-haired scene makers who were, if not clapping, nodding with utmost enthusiasm.

The buzz even persuaded producers of “The O.C.,” which is known for its indie rock soundtracks, to ask Clap Your Hands to perform on the show. The band turned it down. Too much popularity, after all, can diminish one’s credibility.


They were offered a contract with Columbia, which they turned down.

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