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A new project, "Whitesoap"

05 Mar 2007  |  Tags: ,

Paul just wrote an article on this new site I put together called Whitesoap. Special thanks to Larry for providing the domain name. :)

I worked on this for a few months in my spare time, just putting together some ideas I had from several online projects I’d worked on in the past. We syndicate feeds that we like for the pages, and from there its up to both the readers and the editors to choose what makes the pages!

It’s like a combo between Slashdot, Digg, Netscape News, and Newsvine… we get all of our news from feeds we like, then our moderators (me, Paul, Dan, Derek, and Nate) choose stories from the pool or stories suggested by visitors. It’s pretty simple, and I think it’s a cool project.

Check it out.

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