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Bitsmash project retired, as well.

16 Feb 2009  |  Tags: ,

Today I made the end-all decision to cancel the Bitsmash project. Reasons being:

  1. The project was making basically no-income, yet cost $1300/month to run.
  2. Lack of public-awareness. Lack of my own dedication as well.
  3. Needed a lot of work, and couldn’t justify it since there was just no money in it. (this also ties-into the lousy economy we’re presently stuck with)
  4. Need to consolidate my focus onto things that matter, rather than saturating the market.

My whole reason for starting any project is to fascinate people and/or make their lives easier. For this one, there just wasn’t that much interest. However, I did learn a lot more (as with any project) about various technologies that I usually never use, and therefore it was still worth my time, I feel.

So long, Bitsmash!

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