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The new Flip cameras. (Review; with image stabilizers!)

11 Jan 2011  |  Tags: , , , , ,

So, I am a big fan of Flip video cameras … and brought one along on my trip to Japan. However, what was a minor nuisance was the lack of an image stabilizer. It caused action footage to come out a bit “jagged”.

This is no longer an issue on the new Flip cameras with image stabilizers. I ordered one, and decided to try it snowboarding this weekend.

This weekend, I went snowboarding to trance music. (Flip-cam Video)

Much better, even without any stabilization hardware/rigging!  A trick I’d used in the past was to placing the camera on a steady surface, but many video editors can also try to fix older footage. (such as using the “SmoothCam” filter in Final Cut Pro) Why not prevent it altogether? Or, make the image even smoother?

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