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The tale of the Whitesoap T-shirts.

24 Feb 2011  |  Tags: , ,

Every major project I’ve developed at one point had a “t-shirt venture” of some sort, and Whitesoap was no exception. However, Whitesoap was a short-lived project and even though I promised t-shirts to the staff and others, it never happened. I *had* the shirts… but…

They were all mis-prints.


For some reason, we just couldn’t silkscreen the design properly. Edges would bleed, or there would be gaps in the print …. In the end, I scrapped the idea and accepted an additional batch of Mobile17 shirts, instead, to give to friends and family.


But, I still had the shirts. I left them in a bag for a long time … then stumbled on them today while cleaning my closet. I figured it was good clothing that people could really use, so I gave them to goodwill. Goodbye shirts!

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