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I've just built a Google Reader (OPML/RSS) to Twitter Migration Tool!

02 Nov 2011  |  Tags: , , , ,

If you’re like me, you completely ignore all of your RSS feeds (yet still continue to add more)  … and, religiously follow Twitter on a day-to-day basis.

…Why can’t everything just be on Twitter?

Twitter Migration & Networking Tool, from Google Reader

This simple tool I’ve built will help you migrate from Google Reader, to a “Twitter-only” setup … by analyzing your feed collection’s exported OPML file, and allowing you to “choose Twitter feeds and follow them in one simple step.” — Cut the fluff!

I’m exhausted after coding this, so hopefully there are no bugs. Check it out!

UPDATE (2011/11/02): Feed folders are now supported! Thanks @nfm.

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