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"I Like B-sides" discontinued!

06 Nov 2012  |  Tags: , ,

I Like B-sides was a project I ran publicly from February 2009, until today. It was quite unique, in that it found “b-side” tracks from your favorite artists. — In other words, songs that you wouldn’t hear about in the top charts would be shown, as long as they were trending above average for each particular artist. It also separately alerted you to songs in your music library that were good, but ignored in the event of having an entire album downloaded for just a track or two in particular that you liked.

There was a lot of magic involved in the algorithm, and people liked it. The service was a hit and was written up in Lifehacker, on CNet, + others popular spots.


Nearly 4 years later, during routine system migrations today, I decided to pull the site down finally. It was still getting traffic, but hadn’t been updated. As we move to a more mobile and “Cloud-like” infrastructure in our lives, I felt that uploading a zipped copy of one’s iTunes Library’s XML file seemed a bit frivolous, and that it was time for something better to come along in its place.

The technology might make a comeback in another form, as the code has certainly not been erased from my system. However, I Like B-sides is now a legacy, and we’ll see where things go from there. :)


Thanks for giving it attention all of these years!

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