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Summer Of Apps 2013: "Twitter Cleaner" hits the App Store.

09 Aug 2013  |  Tags: , , ,

In order to drum up some reviews for this quick App I built called “Twitter Cleaner” (called “Followed User Cleaner (for Twitter)” for trademark reasons), I’ve made it free until August 31st, 2013!

This App lets you surf through your your Twitter followings and clean out people that are boring, don’t update their accounts, or were followed by accident. It’s a great follow-up to the tool I built to migrate Google Reader to Twitter a while ago. (which has since been retired)

I follow about 1200 people currently and really needed a way to clear this out casually and gradually. This App connects to any of your associated Twitter accounts, lets you surf through the feed content gradually, and casually unfollow those accounts that no longer fit your tastes!

My hope is to get my following count down to 900 or below. We’ll see if I can pull that off.

This App is normally $0.99 USD and works on both iPhone and iPad. It’s just the first version so three may be some minor bugs, but one great feature of it is that it remembers your position amongst your Twitter relationships and updates that list periodically without causing you to lose your place and see people again. (~ thanks, SQLite!)

UPDATE 2013/09/28: An iOS7-focused update including bug fixes was submitted to the App Store today! The differences are shown below, with the latest version on the left.

Screenshot of "Followed User Cleaner (for Twitter)" for iPhone and iPad on iOS 7 Screenshot of "Followed User Cleaner (for Twitter)" for iPhone and iPad on iOS 6

Please check it out, and leave a positive review if you like it! If you have any trouble, email me.

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