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Accounts, Beta 2 for iOS

17 Sep 2014  |  Tags: , , ,

Accounts has been a very intense project to design and architect. For this reason, it has been released in stages. — Each stage… more and more exciting.

Accounts, Beta 2 (promo)

The first public beta of the App was an MVP, and the current is (even still) a very functional “work in progress”. While no piece of complex software is ever truly finished, I believe that this one will continue to evolve alongside human needs and nature. We will soon be at a crossroad where Accounts will introduce things that you have never seen before, and the “beta” tag will be removed.

[ Download the 2.0.9 beta for iOS… ]

Beta 2.1+ is already in development, but the 2.0.x series marks the native introduction of a syncable, offline iOS App for your contacts and extended networks. It's faster, smoother, and more interactive.

Stay tuned for more updates. http://accounts.ms

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