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new blog... a new chapter.

27 Dec 2004  |  Tags: , ,

oh boy, a site that I don’t have to design! right now I’m using a pretty slick template from the blogger selection to power the GUI of this new project, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to last. Don’t expect anything, but you never know what I’m working on in my free time.

very rarely do I mention anything from my offline life in the public, but recently I’ve left college to persue other opportunities. the school I was at will take me back since I left in good standings, but I don’t plan on it. all of the private schools that my folks sent me to, and I sat through, tired me out and since college was no different… that was the end of that.

right now I’m working on a project… or hardly working as I’d call it. raising investment cash is a PAIN. it’s always tough to convince people about just another idea when you know it’s great and have no prior experience…. wish me luck.

my web-designing days are over for now. other than a few things that I do for myself, I don’t really advertise… so my clients are me and people who come to me on their own. I guess I’m done with that for now… and probably forever. this is it… this is me moving on.

talk to you all soon.

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