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Mac Mini *COMPLETE* Technical Disassembly Documentation (PDF)

21 Jan 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Another friend, after seeing my site, slipped me this PDF. It has the *COMPLETE* disassembly of the Mac Mini… including all required tools, high-quality images… everything you could possibly need.

Download File
See also: my previous post with a video on how to open the case safely.

I am not responsible for any damage to your Mac Mini. This is purely for instruction ONLY. Apple states that as long as you do not BREAK your Mac Mini while working on the inside, it is still covered under warranty. A quote from this article, which compares the Mac Mini to a cheap Dell PC… a very interesting read.

Again, I’m not sure about the legality for me to post this… but until I hear otherwise it will remain. This, and the movie, are official Apple productions (as far as I know) and are the best references available. I would not trust anything else when messing with my Mac Mini.

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