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Gran Turismo 4: Day #3

28 Feb 2005  |  Tags: , , ,

Alright. Day 3 of Gran Turismo 4.

A cool feature of GT4 is that you can do competitions more than once and win more cars. You get the same car over and over, but who cares! When I saw that that 423HP Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car that I won was worth like 265,000 credits… I was like SCHIWNG! I won another one by re-doing that competition (easy) and make a ton of money.

Next, I put my Audi S4 in the garage and proceeded to trick out an ‘05 BMW M5… costing almost all of the money I had… almost 300,000 credits from the car sale and a bit of savings. However, that was totally worth it because I was able to win the BMW M-Model-specific competition… which I believe earned me a solid 200,000+ credits as well and a BMW M3 CTR with 380HP. Niiice.

Here’s a shot of my M5:

With the money I got from the M-Model races I purchased a Nissan Skyline (the most expensive one was like 63,000 credits… so I picked that out) and put on all of the best parts… again using almost all of my money. With this recently tricked out car, I took it and entered it into the first Japanese event. For this, I used the new B-Spec mode where you tell the computer how you want it to drive the car… and did some other things while it was going. It’s actually pretty cool if you don’t feel like playing anymore. :-)

Here’s a shot of the Skyline I tricked out:

The prize for the first Japanese event was a car you can use to win the second one:

I again used B-Spec to score some points there… and won this car. I added some turbo/engine parts (I believe) to the car, which cost about 90,000 credits, and almost doubled the HP!

At this point in the game I’m kind of stuck going back and beating all of the beginner mode races before I can move onto extreme. Luckily, B-Spec and better cars are saving a lot of time… haha.

If you haven’t bought this game… what are you waiting for!?!? :D

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