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CherryOS Still Sucks! (my review)

08 Mar 2005  |  Tags: , , ,

A CherryOS trial version was released today (at cherryos.com), and the software is still absolute crap. The funny thing is that they’ll probably still make a fare amount of money since there’s no main-stream alternative… which is disappointing because they stole the core of their code from PearPC! (an open-source project that they’ve, unfortunately, taken serious advantage of.) Essentially, this software is a crappy Visual Basic application written on-top-of a separate PearPC modification.

I immediately was suspicious of the software when I noticed it was installing various OCX files and other Visual Basic dependencies, and upon inspection of the software’s installation directory, it functions as follows: There’s an EXE file called MainCherryOS.exe, which is the VB App they’re using as a ‘wrapper’ to give their PearPC ‘booty’, if you will (joke), a Virtual PC-like feel. Normally, PearPC needs to be compiled and run from the command-line. Their wrapper then takes the output from PearPC and displays it as if it were actually being generated by MainCherryOS.exe! A creative solution, but I’m not impressed.

Being a Mac/Unix guy, I ended up trying to install this on a crappy desktop upstairs because my Thinkpad didn’t have enough diskspace. (its primarily partitioned for my Linux installation.) However, things went fairly smooth.

Other than the various Visual Basic files, I also noticed the installation of various disk images that had been prepared in advance to simplify the installation process. Generally, when installing PearPC, creating a Mac-supported disk image is an extra step… so this saved a bit of time, but also showed that this is, in-fact, based-on PearPC. (duh)

Okay, so onto the actual software. I started up the Visual Basic wrapper, dubbed ‘MainCherryOS.exe’… and began creating a ‘Mac OS X’ installation. Something I noticed was this poor English in a dialog box… part of which reads: “Need more help please press yes.” Hah. Also, they forgot to set the title variable of the box… which defaulted to “MainCherryOS”… the name of the EXE file. The proper code for this is:

If MsgBox(“Please insert a valid Mac installation CD in ” & strDriveLetter & “: Drive” & vbCrLf & “Need more help on it please press yes”, vbYesNo, “CherryOS”) Then

Love the clip-art……………… I sure hope this PC is working as hard as that guy wearing the yellow hat is!

I think I recognize this “NO” sign problem from PearPC… however our “CherryOS.exe” backend kept chugging along while our “MainCherryOS.exe” wrapper was doing *nothing*. Eventually the installer loaded.

So I loaded up ‘Disk Utility’ from the menu and formatted the disk that CherryOS had created. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the only pieces of code they wrote. However, my installation failed when I was presented with the ‘!’ stop-sign that I also received while I was ‘still messing with PearPC'… how odd!

One thing I noticed that was that the “pinwheel” busy cursor (the color wheel), and also the spinning process bars, moved VERY quickly… almost like their timing was shortened. Being a Mac user, this pissed me off. I think that this is a side effect of a sloppy attempt to raise the speed of emulation of a Mac processor. It had little effect on actual performance.

The configuration file for CherryOS is very similar to that of PearPC. Also, the developer forgot to change the emulated network adapter’s MAC address… it’s the same as PearPC’s. Coincidence? Nope.

Overall this product is a waste of time, and the company behind it is both taking advantage of an open-source project, and using it to promote their company’s other products. Honestly, it’s PearPC. The company’s screen-shots used to show specific portions of debug information that was *written by PearPC developers!!!!* The company defended themselves by says that “their developers had taken some code from PearPC and they had yelled at them… since then the code had been removed.” That’s just flyin’ off the BS meter right there… they simply COVERED IT UP. I’m disgusted. Don’t link to this product, don’t promote this product, don’t buy this product, don’t use this product. Keep its PageRank down. DO NOT LINK TO THIS PRODUCT OR THIS COMPANY.

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