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High-res images. (of my car!)

06 May 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Here are some higher, non-camera-phone-moblogged pictures of my new car. (a Volkswagon GTI VR6 ‘03 — 200HP V6, 6 speed, 2.8L, 17-inch wheels… — totally clean.)

Rather than decking the car out with a body-kit, wing, neons, and all of that NFSU underground crap, I decided to keep things low-scale by just putting some blue neons under the dash. Took me like 15 minutes, and cost me $40 (total). They hook-up via the cigarette lighter, so I just got three-way-adapter for the lighter plug so I could hook up both my neons and my radar detector as well.

The “Monsoon” stereo in the car is so good I don’t have to swap that out, either. Buying a great car SAVES you money ‘cause you don’t have to soup-it-up!

Just a note, in some places blue lights can be illegal ‘cause they’re similar to police cruisers’ lights… even though they’re not rotating… flashing… etc. I didn’t think this was a big deal since my dash lighting is blue and red anyway, but if you do this to your car, I suggest you mount the lights low down so that they’re not shining out of the car and attracting attention. Of course, I’m not responsible if you get a ticket or something… even though I really can’t see that happening to anybody since the lights are inside your vehicle and hardly visible. So… nice. Enjoy.

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