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Mobile17 launched.

10 May 2005  |  Tags: ,

UPDATE: Both of these features were discontinued. However, Mobile17 is now a streamlined version of “SmashTheTONES”!

"Is that an AM radio? Why no, it’s my cellphone." Mobile17… formerly smashTheTONES… now lets you put almost any podcast on your phone as a series of ringtones, for free of course. The coolest feature is, you can store your five favorite podcasts to your account and grab new audio posts straight from your phone’s browser. Of course, it still lets you create free ringtones and graphics from your music and photos.

In addition, you can earn cash by allowing fans to send your band’s or website’s music, artwork, photos, and animations, to their mobile phones. It’s free and easy to setup, and is perfect for your photos, art, music, or podcast.

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