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Apple revises their iPod Line-up

28 Jun 2005  |  Tags:

Everyone’s new favorite music company was getting a bit sloppy with their portable players.

First-off, the iPod photo was a huge mistake… it should have been was the “iPod Color”. Here’s why:

  1. Some people thought it could only display photos. (If you can believe it.)
  2. Separating out the photo feature from the rest of the device made it seem more foreign, and has still prevented it from catching-on so to speak.
  3. People don’t give a crap about taking their photos on-the-go! It’s one thing if the iPod has a camera in it… but considering a lot of iPod users are on Windows without a decent set of photo software, there’s no real reason for anyone to use this feature. Even I have most of my pics on my iPod, yet I never view them. It’s an overall waste.

It’s one thing if they’ve added a color screen to the regular, classic iPod, which they’ve now simplified the line-up to, but photos and color games weren’t enough. Album artwork is probably the coolest feature, honestly, but it’s not something that I would have paid extra for. (I got my iPod Photo for free, hehe.) :)

All-in-all, I predicted that Apple, after slurging into too many choices, would simplify their line-up. They’ll drop the U2 iPod eventually, and it’ll be down to just the three:

  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPod Mini
  • and, of course, the iPod.

Photos definitely weren’t the next big thing. That was just Steve Jobs buying himself a bit of time for the iTunes Movie Store, which had better be on its way. ;)

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