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"World of Warcraft Unfinished Area"

06 Jul 2005  |  Tags:

I’m not a fan of RPGs per-say, but I thought this was pretty cool. This chic’s dial-up crapped out while playing World of Warcraft (WoW) and when she went back on, the game had glitched her character into an inaccessable area! (Blizzard is still developing it, and they built a wall around it for that.)

"The area I was in was an area that is inaccessible from the outside world. Blizzard actually built a wall in-game that blocks all travellers from going to this area. After looking at my map, I was PAST this wall! So I decided to look around and I saw some very weird things such as an extremely tall, skinny wall, and places where textures would just suddenly change. Check out the pictures! If you wanna contact me in-game, I’m on the Terenas server with the character name Ayoshen."

Pretty cool. Check out the pictures on the linked page.

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