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Phreak with your Cellphone

08 Jul 2005  |  Tags: ,

Now that most mobile phones can play full-audio ringtones, you can ‘redbox’ payphones a bit more casually. (if you find a payphone that it is still compatible with, of course) In rural areas, which might have a lot of older payphones but no cellphone towers or coverage, this could come-in-handy!

I put together this nice ringtone with two quarter-deposit tones spaced evenly. It actually sounds like a nice, polite ring!

"But smash, why would you need a payphone if you have a cellphone?"
— You never know. Either way… obviously you want a redbox ringtone.

It’s the phone company’s fault if the coin deposit tones match the frequencies of the blips on your ringtone! :)

Throw this MP3 tone on yo’ phone:


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