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Mac OS X Updates, New Cellphone

12 Jul 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Apple must have heard my pleas, as they’ve released both an iSync update and Mac OS X update. I haven’t been this happy about OS X since 10.2.4 came out. ;)

So basically 10.4.2, the new update for Tiger that was released today, fixes a bunch of Dashboard slowness. Even though the widgets still take a while to load properly… at least it’s not lagging the entire machine. Not bad, but not perfect. There were some other fixes as well, but I didn’t pay any attention to those and can’t remember what they are.

In addition, the iSync update introduced official compatibility with my new cellphone, the Sony Ericsson K750i. It’s only available in Europe and Asia at the moment, but I just picked one up off eBay.

This phone is fabulous. On eBay, it cost about $400 and does the following:

  • It has a full featured phone, of course.
  • a 2 megapixel Cybershot-style slider camera on the back (with flash) — it records video and takes pictures
  • a Memory Stick DUO slot (64MB chip included, stores around 120 pictures)
  • full blown MP3 player and FM RADIO
  • Bluetooth, Infrared, E-Mail, Text/Picture/Video Messaging, all that.
  • Video player.
  • 3D Games. (comes with a combat flight simulator and tennis, both in full 3D)

There are a lot of cool Easter Eggs with the phone too, such as the tool to use the camera’s flash as an LED Flashlight. It can also print photos you’ve taken wirelessly via Bluetooth to compatible HP printers. Cool stuff.

I took some pictures with the camera. Some of them came out pretty poorly actually (for best results use a real camera) but they’re not bad. A lot of them were only okay since it was a dark day and I had the flash off. There are a lot of settings you can tweak on the camera portion, and I didn’t really mess with any of these so whatever.

The speaker on the phone is very loud, as well, but has an easily controllable volume via the toggle on the side. This same switch is also used for digitally zooming the camera for photos.

Anyway, I highly recommend this phone to everybody. In some areas with older GSM towers, you might get worse reception than with some other phones since this is the European model, but I’ve honestly had zero problems. Don’t worry, it’s awesome. :)

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