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About this XBOX 360 Leak Non-sense

23 Jul 2005  |  Tags: ,

Guys, this is a definite marketing ploy. First off, chances are of that kid having a digital camera that clear, yet nothing in his house, is pretty slim. (And that quality’s way too good to be a cellphone camera that kid would have.) However, that aside, how the HELL was he taking pictures of himself?? The chances are of him setting the camera like that with a timer or a tripod… uhh… pretty slim. I doubt his dad helped him take the pictures.

Am I missing something?

UPDATE: I was missing something… in-that his friend took the pictures, apparently. This whole thing is barely plausible, but most companies, including Microsoft, would never let something like that out of the building in reality. I don’t really buy their story… there’re barely any situations they can’t re-create in a lab.

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