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Half-Life 2 on Sale at CompUSA for $20

24 Jul 2005  |  Tags:

Instant-Savings, too. None of this Mail-in Rebate fiddle-faddle. :P I just went over and picked up a copy. (It’s an in-store only deal.)


The biggest problem I ran into was that I didn’t have a PC to play it on. SO, I started scrapping some parts together and eventually came up with an AMD Duron 1.2GHZ system (with a Thermalake fan… I should over-clock it) with like 390MB of RAM and a TNT2 Graphics card. Bleh… the TNT2 would definitely be a problem. My brother’s old PC had a ATI Radeon 9000 in it, but his room was locked, so I had to put a ladder up to the window, climb in, and swap it with my TNT2. Ta-da, mission accomplished. We’ll see if the game’ll actually run at 1280x1024 with such crumby hardware. (I doubt it.)

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