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Best Trick, Ever.

04 Aug 2005  |  Tags: ,

I was just at Stop & Shop stocking up on some food when I realized: I actually had a coupon with me. However, that dumb automated checkout thing wanted me to DEPOSIT the coupon in the coupon slot after I scanned it.

SO, realizing that this was stupid, I tore off a little piece of the coupon (without harming the barcode, of course) deposited that instead, then proceeded to use the coupon again. Ta-da, just saved myself an extra 40 cents on some Hot Pockets.
— UPDATE: Even better, just carry around some post it notes, papers (if you’re a stoner), or even receipts from other stores and you’re good to go. The machine’ll never know the difference unless they install an additional barcode scanner in the coupon slot… which would cost too much money and would be horribly inaccurate!

Now, this trick will work for all coupons, but you won’t necessarily get multiple discounts per visit for the ones that say “limit 1 per customer” or something in the corner. However, that coupon didn’t, so I was able to get a Yorkshire Peppermint Patty for no extra charge. :)

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