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The Arcade Trick.

13 Aug 2005  |  Tags: , ,

Gaming arcades (with or without prizes) are a complete scam. You pay $5 to $20 for tokens and win like a piece of gum or some stupid keychain. (or both if you’re lucky)

Anyway, the other day I had a brilliant idea… an idea shared by many. WHAT IF you bought your arcade tokens online, snuck them into the arcade in your pockets, and saved yourself a TON of cash?! Well, it’d be cool as long as you don’t get caught.

Arcade Prices:
1 Token = 25 Cents

eBay Prices:
200 Tokens = Around $15… averages a little less than 10 cents a token!

You’d be saving some big bank, but is it worth it? Why not just buy the tickets instead? That’s a little trickier, since they tend to be less generic and some places have moved to a proprietary system with barcodes and all that. So, before they replace the tokens with magnetic-striped cards or all that… you’d better cash out!

Remember: Only do this at the crappy arcades that you’ve been ripped-off at. (Make sure it’s a chain, not the little guy that’s not going to be taking a beating. Ethics, people!)

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