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The iPod Nano

07 Sep 2005  |  Tags:

Although I expected to see the iPod Nano announcement today, I was shocked to find out that it’s replaced the iPod Mini. I think that was a huge mistake! They had such a short life-span on the shelves and came in all of those colors… what’s Apple thinking? It was probably a difficult business decision… the Nano must be cheaper to produce and expand… as the tiny hard-drives utilized by the Mini have their limits. There’s clearly something that we don’t know about that.

My review of the Nano is that I initially thought it looked cool, but girly. When I saw that it came in black, I changed my mind… but only for that color. Overall, I’m not a huge fan of only taking certain songs with me on the road, though, since I’ve been spoiled by a full-size iPod with my entire library on it… so this isn’t for me. Neither is the Motorola iTunes Phone.

What’s a shame is that the Shuffle still needs a screen… it’s not an expensive addition and would look great… even an OLED screen or even one from a classic iPod. The shape wouldn’t have to change, as there’s plenty of space.

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