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iPod Nanos sales are slow.

13 Sep 2005  |  Tags:

Summary: They’re selling slowly… and the black ones are selling like hot-cakes compared to the classic iPod-white.

Here’s an interesting alternative product line-up:

  • iPod Shuffle — 1GB (240 songs) — $99
  • iPod Mini (v2) — 2GB (500 songs) — $199
  • iPod Nano (black) — 4GB (1000 songs) — $249
  • iPod Classic — 20GB+ (5,000 songs) — $299 and up.

The demand for the iPod Mini has increased… I expect them to become collectors items since they were never really revised (which would make them feel obsolete), and are so damn cool! The only significant change was the removal of the golden ‘champagne’ colored version.

The form factor of the Nano isn’t really enough to thrill me into buying one. The photo feature is stupid (as you can see, nobody cares about the lack of the TV-Out feature except the critics, since nobody uses it) and was proven with the lack of interest in the difference between the iPod and iPod photo… prompting Apple to merge the lines together as rumored as few months ago.

On every single device I’ve owned that sported a photo viewing feature, other than my Powerbook, I’ve never used it. Nobody cares about it.. sitting on the subway looking at your photos makes you look like a weirdo, and it’s socially awkward to show people your iPod’s screen. — Apple could add a camera to the iPod… a camera attachment could *easily* be developed by a third-party, even with the current iPod hardware and software. However, that’s something extra to lose… or break.. and wouldn’t sell with most cellphones having cameras these days. The interesting thing here is that the ROKR phone seems to have this area nailed, but the cellphone-iPod hybrid… or even just a generic music-phone gadget… seems a little too over-the-top to the casual consumer. I’d rather see a hybrid device that features a cellphone, rather than a cellphone that features other capabilities that probably don’t work very well, or are limited. (take the 100 song restriction on the iTunes phone, for example)

Plus, the iTunes phone looks nothing like an iPod??

A while ago, I felt like Apple’s getting sloppy with their hot product. In a way, the Nano has simplified the line-up. The Mini was damn cool, but with the introduction of the Shuffle, it made it the odd-ball product. Now that the Nano has been released as a hybrid between the two… the move makes sense, but the Minis were just so damn cool! Well, whatever. We’ll get over it.

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