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iPod Rumors

04 Oct 2005  |  Tags:

UPDATE: Looks like this is it after-all! Link

UPDATE 2: Looks like this isn’t it. Link

UPDATE 3: Looks like it is! Engadget/iLounge just posted a leaked pic, and it looks just like the Photoshop I did back in August based on what I heard through the grapevine.

So the buzz this week is about Apple’s 2nd Big Announcement. Last time it was the iPod Nano, and Motorola ROKR Phone with iTunes… this time people are speculating an iPod Video.

To be honest, I think this may be it. Reasons:

  1. iTunes for Windows/Mac already plays videos, and the content offered through music videos and video-enabled podcasts is at least enough to hold demand for now.
  2. iTunes Movie Store icons were already found in iTunes version 5.
  3. Even though the iPod Photo bombed, that didn’t stop Apple from releasing it anyway!

Apple wouldn’t hold a music related event just to release new iPod Hard Drive sizes. However, there is a chance that they’ll release the iTunes Movie Store now, and the video iPod later. Even still, I’ve decided to sell my iPod Photo on eBay… considering that I like never use it and if they do release something new, I might want to upgrade.

If not, I’ll buy a black iPod Nano and just copy the few playlists I actually listen to onto it and wire it into my car. Win/win situation! Somebody with a more vast music library will enjoy the 60GB capacity, and I’ll get something ill for my car. Schwing.

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