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Why SSX3 sucked.

05 Oct 2005  |  Tags: ,

SSX Tricky was awesome, but SSX3, the successor, was a lil’ on the lame side… here’s why.

One of the early Xbox titles was Amped… it was awesome. EA decided, “Oh, we better add a free-roaming mode for the mountain” but failed miserably. How? The free-roam mode is boring and makes no sense. Mountain trails are nothing like that, and there are always other snowboarders. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 for PS2 was one of the best games I’ve ever played because of the other skaters at the parks… running around, skating, setting up cinematics. Totally awesome. However, this was still absent from SSX3 and left me bored and not wanting to play it. The only social elements it still had were those left over from SSX Tricky — players shouting at eachother. (funny things, crying in pain, etc.)

I was really disappointed to see this game flop because a) I paid good money for it and b) there are so many elements of the game that Amped could never match — mainly, the whole fantasy layer that seals SSX and other games like Final Fantasy from the rest of the bunch. Bright, yet soothing colors spotlighted on snow… especially on night-time levels. Fantasy towns, cities, and other scenery that you skate through. Nothing matches it… but I still never play this game because of what’s missing. Luckily, you can still just select levels from the menus and stuff, but that’s no fun. The only serious improvement over SSX Tricky was the awesomely-long tracks, such as Happiness, which is now the only track I sometimes play. (Sometimes = My time divided the one hour a week I play games divided by the amount of time SSX3 can keep me interested)

Why must you do this to us, EA?

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