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VW GTI -- iPod Install

14 Oct 2005  |  Tags: , ,

So with all of the money I saved by doing the iPod switch-a-roo, (got a free iPod, sold it the night before the new video ones came out for $350, got a new video iPod for $399 shipped) I bought a CD Changer interface. Basically, this tricks the stock stereo into thinking there’s a changer in the trunk, when there’s actually an ill iPod in my arm rest!

I ordered this from Crutchfield, along with some stereo keys. It turns out that the plugs on the back of the stereo are different than the one in the trunk, so I was pissed that I couldn’t just hook the thing up there. (this particular attachment, at least) This was also after I learned that I actually needed 4 stereo keys to remove the radio, not 2… and they get stuck in there until you remove the radio. Luckily, I searched the forums online and found out that you can just cut an old credit card to the same shape as the key and you’re all set. Niiice.


Once the radio was back in and the trunk was, instead, open, I just ran the cable under the spare tire mat, around the back seat, and under the driver’s seat. The arm rest comes apart pretty easily, so I was able to wire the iPod cable into the compartment by drilling only a single hole. The adapter box and extra cable coiled up nicely under the driver’s seat. Awesome.




The adapter box does this, automatically:


The sound quality is amazing (way better than the stock CD player)… you can really hear the highs and lows. The best part is, the stereo actually charges the iPod’s battery. You create a few playlists with iTunes… VW1, VW2, through VW5, to symbolize the first 5 discs, then VW6 is all songs stored (great for shuffle mode). There’s a switch on the adapter box, too, that can change disc 6 to the RCA (red/white) input for something like a satellite radio. I highly recommend this mod.

All done:


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