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Don't Buy "Rocky Mountain Radar" Detectors.

01 Nov 2005  |  Tags: ,

When I researched detectors for my car, I took a very passive approach. I Googled for “best radar detector” and the like, and came up with a few products by Rocky Mountain Radar, or “RMR”. These products reportedly detected, but also scrambled radar and laser guns used by traffic cops. Okay, so I bought one from Buy.com back in May.

The detector portion of this device has saved me from a few encounters with traffic officers, but overall the product is a gimmick. Not only does it not work as advertised, but it’s one of the poorest rated detectors on the market. RMR products, in fact, do not scramble radar… because it is illegal to do so… EVERYWHERE in the United States! Combating the newer, “lidar” laser detectors, is legal, but there’s no way all of the equipment required to do so could fit in a tiny little box that sits on your dash. RMR’s products are apparently based off of some cheap, Korean-made detectors that do no scrambling what-so-ever, and even lack features that you’d find common on the basic detectors you’d find at Walmart or Radioshack.

For more information on the RMR scandal, I highly recommend this article (my main source) at RadarTest.com — Link; as well as Radar Roy’s activity at RadarBusters.com — Link.

To replace my crumby RMR-C430 that I bought earlier this year, and last week sold on eBay for just shy of the original purchase price, I’ve ordered a Escort Passport 8500 X50 — one of the highest ranked radar/laser detectors available. (and one of the coolest, as well.) The red, dot-matrix display should match and contrast the dash lighting in my GTI very nicely!

More information my new choice, and well-researched, radar and laser/lidar detector, the Escort Passport 8500 X50 at Amazon, here: Link.

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