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It's too soon for Xbox 360...

19 Nov 2005  |  Tags: ,

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. The Xbox 360 will be released here in November 2005.
  2. Mid/Late-2006 we will see the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Revolution. They will both be hot sellers for the holiday season.
  3. Microsoft will realize that their product is old news, and release a Black (light-metallic) version of it like the original Xbox, possibly of aluminum. People will buy that because the new white plastic case is stupid and cheesy.

Will people will keep buying Xbox 360 crap after the Revolution and PS3 come out?

If Xbox’s game sales go down, the console is officially screwed since developers will concentrate on other platforms. Xbox will be officially out of the market until the next revision… several years away. It will be deader than the Dreamcast.

Microsoft knows that their only shot against the competition in the Next-Gen market is to release their product ahead of time. Why? … ** Because it’s nothing new. ** … Who would pay $400 (even if you can find a console and games) for a souped up 2nd-gen console?

UPDATE: “Early Xbox reviews: so-so” — And so it begins. I could be wrong, but I guess we’ll see. — http://news.com.com/2061-11199_3-5960385.html

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