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My favorite "Conan O'Brian" Moments...

16 Dec 2005  |  Tags: ,

All this about COB’s show reminded me of my favorite episodes.

1. Snoop Dogg and Rocket Man
This episode was the best episode I’ve *ever* seen. Conan just went all out on this guy that was trying to blast himself into space… and of course Snoop Dogg was there right before and just dying on the couch next to him. Like, I can’t explain how amazing this was and if I could get a tape of it I’d pay at least $2.

2. Sisqo’s Only Hit Song
This was on recently (including tonight, again) and is so stupid it’s funny. This Sisqo impersonator is dancing with no shirt on, white warm-up pants and matching vest. The music comes on, he starts dancing, rips off the dress of a manaquin, and it’s just goes on from there. The funniest part was how they brought the same guy doing the same thing back a second night. Bravo! …haha. (the second time it was the Christmas special of it, with santa caps) Conan: “That should be a four hour special… MAN he’s excited about the thong.”

…Eh I can’t think of anymore.

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