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Last-Minute Shopping Tip.

24 Dec 2005  |  Tags:

This year I saved a ton of money (like, at least $100) by ringing things up separately with the same coupons. It’s great for big-ticket items when they’ll only apply to one single item! :)

Best Buy will probably be changing the rules of those next year because of me. “Oh I need you to ring these cameras up separately and give me the mail-in rebates.” :D

Anyway, all you have to do is tell the cashier, “Hey, ring these up separately so I can apply the coupon to both.” Most of the time they won’t even care, but the game is in your control, as you can just come back and buy the other items later… they know that, too. The best case scenario is they’ll be like, “Oh, we’ll just give you the extra discount. It’s no problem.” — BUT, make sure they do before you leave the register! (on your receipt, do the math) I had to go to returns and ask for a credit one time, but they were happy to give it to me. :)

Shizzam! We were able to get the better models for my family because we lowered the price to that of the lesser ones… smart shopping. ;)

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