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Southpark: Lost Episode (Cleared Up!)

05 Jan 2006  |  Tags:

Keith Mother-F***in Cody" e-mailed me to say this:
smash, Comedy Central made a big deal about the return of Lemmiwinks in a upcoming episode earlier this year. There was a few weeks of hype. Then no episode.

I knew there was a cover-up! If you don’t know who Lemmiwinks is, look here.

Link to the old post I made about this.

UPDATE: More from Wikipedia:

— During the first half of the eighth season of South Park, a commercial aired stating that “The greatest South Park character of all time would return… LEMMIWINKS!”

— At the beginning of episode 802, “AWESOM-O”, a message is read stating, “Due to this week’s tragic events in Hawaii, the “Lemmiwinks” episode of South Park will not be shown tonight. Instead we present the all new and slighty better episode, ‘AWESOM-O.’”

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