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Well, I'm not broke, BUT...

25 Jan 2006  |  Tags: , , ,

Haha, this week I’ve replaced the two most expensive things I own… luckily one was free.

I finally got my complimentary Powerbook replacement from Apple, because my old computer wouldn’t stop breaking. Then, I finally caved and found a Volkswagen R32 in Deep Blue Pearl.

They only made 5,000 of them here in the USA back in 2003/2004. Basically it’s a souped-up GTI with all-wheel-drive and the engine from the VW Touareg/base-level Phaeton/base-level Porsche Cayenne/and top-level Audi TT. 6 Speed manual, all the goodies, and an extended warranty just for me.

New GTI?

The different in price was about a grand for less power and front-wheel-drive. Eff that. It reminds me of that Ford Focus Z or whatever. I’ll probably get one of the new ones eventually but we’ll see how soon they can get the bugs out of them.

My 2004 R32

Sold to me. :) If you want to pickup my current car, here in the Boston area, click-here.

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