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MacBook Mini-Review

17 May 2006  |  Tags: , ,

I went over and checked these out at the Apple Store here this evening. They’re beautiful… but that keyboard is a no-go with me. So much that I won’t buy one. The keys are spaced too far apart, and there’s no curve to the surface so it feels like you’re typing on one of this internet appliances in public places.

Overall, 8/10 because of the keyboard. You’ll get used to it.
Just a heads-up: If you think the black is going to scratch, do not worry. Neither the black or white is a glossy finish… more of a matte/flat/spraypaint style. I like it a lot. The widescreen, in addition to being a widescreen, gives the laptop a tiny, rectangular form-factor… very very nice.

MacBooks at the Apple Store (1)

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