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Kingdom Hearts: Hidden Secret Endings

29 Jul 2006  |  Tags: ,

Sorry that I don’t post more often.

Kingdom Hearts, and its sequel, Kingdom Hearts 2, have hidden endings that appear only if you’ve beaten certain goals. For those of us without the time or patience for something like this, some people were nice enough to record them and put them on YouTube. How convenient!

I actually wish I’d known sooner… mainly because the hidden videos for KH1 foreshadowed the second-game. Seeing this video would have been the only thing that tied them together and gave a clue on what to expect, considering that the two plots were basically put in a blender for relativity. Seemed like only the characters were the same, at least to me, only connections on minor unresolved details from the first game. It happens. Whatever.

Kingdom Hearts 1:

  • Secret ending - watch
  • Another secret ending? Found this by accident.

Kingdom Hearts 2:

  • Secret ending (English version) - watch… certainly sparked my curiosity.

Anyway, back to work for me.

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