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My "Mac Pro" loves Half Life 2.

23 Aug 2006  |  Tags: ,

Buying this machine to replace my older Mac and my “Gaming” PC was the best decision, ever.

I ran the HL2: Lost Coast “graphics stress test” and got an average of like 31.65fps at 1900x1200 (!!!) on my 23-inch Cinema display!

The game plays flawlessly even with like all of the graphics turned up. This thing is bitchin’!! I’ve never had a computer that could play games this fast at resolutions half that!

Oh, I’m running the basic Mac Pro setup… the one they have at the store. With Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2, 32GB partition. Pics are from my cellphone so they kind of suck… but you get the idea! If you need a gaming PC, and a sweet Mac, buy a Mac Pro.

Mac Pro (Half Life 2) (1)

Mac Pro (Half Life 2) (2)

Mac Pro (Half Life 2) (3)

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