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Playstation 3: Day Two ... New Games, Old Memories, and the Playstation Store

07 Jan 2007  |  Tags: , ,

Last night I spent a few minutes searching for this “Playstation Memory Adapter” to import my old PS1/PS2 memory cards to the PS3’s hard drive. The “CompUSA” near me had “Limited Quantities”… which, when I arrived, turned out to be 2 of them. Hooray. Brought it home ($15), copied my data over. Done. Now that this thing is useless, I’ll probably just return it. It doesn’t make any sense to me why Sony would include three memory card slots (Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick) and not one for a legacy Playstation memory card. :(

PS3: Day Two (1)

The way the new memory works for older games is… data is stored in “virtual” memory cards on the PS3’s hard drive. You can assign them to one of two slots, emulating a system like that of a former Playstation console. PS3 games, of course, store their memory in a fashion similar to the Playstation portable… in one big list.

Tonight I also checked out two other things: another new game, and the PlayStation Store.

The Playstation Store is similar to Nintendo’s Wii’s online store… but instead contains mostly Game demos, and content for the PlayStation Portable. (which can then plug into the PS3’s USB port, or connect wirelessly, to download these files once they’re saved) Unfortunately, I sold my PSP in favor of a Nintendo DS Lite, so no neato features like that for me. (not that I care) One thing that caught my attention was the Gran Turismo HD Concept… available for free, fully playable demo. I’ve begun downloading that and the demo of “Genji: Days of the Blade”… which I know nothing about. Also available for download is Lemmings, which I least expected.

PS3: Day Two (2)

Today I also opened my second game, “Resistance: Fall of Man”… which I feel is an interesting combination between No One Lives Forever 2, Half-Life 2, and Medal of Honor. Interesting game… the graphics and effects are very good, the story seems okay, but I definitely miss the point-to-aim sensors from the Wii’s controller. Going back to the analog sticks could be a lot worse, but I wish Sony would come up with a new aiming technique on their own.

So far, so good. A couple more hiccups I’ve noticed:

  • Even if the PS3 is in Standby mode (versus being completely switched off using the I/O toggle on the back), it doesn’t charge the controller when plugged-in. The PS3 must be turned on for that to happen… seems kind of silly, I’ve been leaving mine on all of the time now.
  • When using the PlayStation Store, you can’t do anything while the console is downloading something… and I mean *anything*. If you close the screen it cancels the download and returns it to your list. This makes no sense, and should be fixed.

Stay tuned.

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