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Playstation 3: Day 4 .. Hands-off!

10 Jan 2007  |  Tags: , , ,

Day 4 was a little more hands-off of the PS3, as I’m immersed in “Need for Speed: Carbon”. Reminds me of “Need for Speed: Underground 2”, which was one of my favorite titles of all time.

In other news, someone suggested a solution to the no-charging-controllers-while-the-ps3-is-off-because-it-shuts-down-its-usb-ports’-power problem… plug it into the Wii… haha! The Wii does *not* shut off its power to the USB ports when the console is in standby, unlike the PS3.

So, ironically, the Wii does truly compliment the PS3… in more ways than expected!

Wii charges the PS3 controller.

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