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Mighty Mouse: Round #2

07 May 2007  |  Tags: , ,

When I bought my Mac Pro, it came with a wired Mighty Mouse. It wasn’t bad, but the little scroll “ball” really pissed me off. It would get clogged with lint and the small rollers would stop grabbing.

And, of course the thing is nearly impossible to take apart without breaking. I tried anyway, and it was never the same after. After being unhappy for months, I picked up a new, wireless Mighty Mouse at the Apple Store this morning and also received a tip: “When the ball stops working, turn the mouse upside down and move it around on your palm so that the ball can spin freely in the air and release anything caught inside.” Okay… I guess I’ll give that a try. However, this new one feels different when I scroll so I suspect that they’ve updated the design. I am pleased :)

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