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Opinion: You should be able to return lousy video-games.

05 Mar 2009  |  Tags: ,

Before I knew to check the game-review websites for reference of whether something was worth buying, I always just bought whatever game I thought looked the “coolest”… literally judging a book, err… video-game…, by it’s cover.

I think that the main reason stores like GameStop still exist is the fact that you simply can’t return most of their merchandise if it’s been opened. The reality is that copies of a video-game cost almost nothing to produce, and are sold at $50-60 a piece. Of course, this is to cover the costs of developing a game… but if you’re making lousy video games, then you deserve to eat the cost if people don’t like them. Okay, yes I know this would be damaging to the business overall, but it would definitely filter-out a lot of the crud from the market.


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