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How to keep "Facebook for BlackBerry" from driving you insane...

29 Jun 2010  |  Tags:

Facebook for BlackBerry is a great way to drive yourself insane if you’re constantly receiving “Notifications” of activity from your friends and relatives on Facebook. Since not all of the notifications on the website are supported by email and BlackBerry in the first place, here are the settings I recommend to only alert you of things that might actually affect your life between now and the next time you sit down at your computer.

You can change these settings here: http://www.facebook.com/editaccount.php?notifications …. Or by going to “Account”, “Account Settings”, then “Notifications”.

Perfect example of why changing these settings is important: Let’s say you’ve commented on someone’s photo that they’ve just posted. This person has a lot of friends, and that particular photo is controversial. You’ll be receiving notifications on your phone EVERY time one of their friends comments on that particular photo, even if you do not know the person commenting. That’s why I’ve unchecked “Comments after me in a photo”, but left “Comments on my photos” and “Comments on a photo of me” checked (see image below)… but feel free to tweak these settings as you so desire. You’ll still receive notifications when someone invites you to an event, cancels or changes an event, sends you a message, or adds you as a friend. But, not the stupid notifications!

Another tip: Go into the Facebook Application’s options (on your BlackBerry) and make sure that “Leave email notification on mail server” is unchecked. That way, your BlackBerry will delete the email after it has notified you… so you won’t have to delete a bunch of Facebook emails later on! (Huge timesaver here.)

Recommended settings for notifications when using "Facebook for BlackBerry".

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