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Goodbye Flickr? Yes, sorry. :)

30 Oct 2010  |  Tags: ,

I literally never used my Flickr account. For anything except to host pictures for this blog. So, I deleted it. Some of the pictures in blog posts here no longer work. But all of the recent posts since the transition to Tumblr have been updated.

Why did I do this? Because back when Flickr was new (in 2004), Facebook wasn’t available to most people. Flickr was the “social” way to share pictures.

Now, I share photos with friends on Facebook or Twitter, instead of Flickr.

I saw so little activity on my Flickr feed that I just didn’t feel like it was worth maintaining or worrying about it any longer. So, I got rid of all of the photos and made my photostream ‘private’. From now on (for my Mobile Uploads), I either send directly to Facebook — or use instagr.am.

Pretty cool. 

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