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Apple's Remote Desktop software is secretly bundled for free with every Mac!

14 Feb 2011  |  Tags: ,

I’d always used Apple’s built-in VNC server for remote system administration via Chicken of the VNC, but today I learned there is a better option based on what Apple includes with their “sold separately” Remote Desktop software. Ironically, it’s essentially the same product (including Clipboard sharing and Image scaling) … just less bloated and hidden for free deep inside most Macintosh computers!

Go to this folder on your computer: /System/Library/CoreServices/
(You can get there quickly by pressing Command+Shift+G in the Finder and pasting that string in as the folder)

In that folder, you’ll see an app called “Screen Sharing” … create a shortcut in your Applications folder by holding Command+Option and dragging it there. Do not move the actual file, make sure you hold those keys down and it will “link” it as a duplicate alias.

This App works just like Remote Desktop, and can even save passwords in your system’s Keychain. Just enter a hostname and remember to enable “Screen Sharing” on the destination machine before starting!

I’m not sure why Apple didn’t just put this in the Utilities folder? Enjoy!

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