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When choosing roommates, 3 is the magic number.

26 Apr 2011  |  Tags: ,

Having lived with both a single roommate, and between 3 to 5 roommates at a given time, I’ve found that 3 total occupants creates the best fit in a home. Why?

  1. Whenever there’s a disagreement, there’s always majority in a vote. — Odd number of people = no inevitable ties!
  2. Negative energy does not get focused on a single person. — If you’re upset with your roommate, the other roommate is either on your side, or on his/her side. This encourages people to function as a group vs. developing grudges.
  3. It’s not “too many” people. — Three is a crowd, but not a big one. Having a single roommate who is often out or away can be lonely, or even annoying. Having two alternating personalities around you provides balance, while still limiting the chances of it becoming a party house.

Hope this helps!

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