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eBay is no longer a viable way to flip old stuff for a reasonable return.

28 Aug 2011  |  Tags: , , ,

Recently, I’ve tried selling things I don’t need on eBay. I’ve done this off-and-on for the past 10 years, without much change. However, in the past two weeks, selling $800 worth of merchandise has generated a whopping $85 in fees. How is this possible?”

Turns out— In the past year, eBay has secretly increased their “final value” fees to a whopping… 9.0% of the selling price! (link)

Does it stop there? No. There are PayPal fees (additional 3% or more), picture/listing/auction fees, Buy It Now fees, shipping costs, and occasional issues with fraud and non-paying bidders. All this doesn’t even include the time and hassle of selling everything yourself and typing out listings.

I recently tweeted that eBay still charges 15/cents for each picture, as well. 

…Is eBay even worth it anymore? Lots of people make their living on eBay, but for the casual seller … I don’t think that anybody can willingly afford this. To put this fee increase into perspective: Using the old fee schedule (from March 2010), I would have only had to pay approximately $35 to sell the same items. The new fees account to at least ~200% more in hidden costs.

"Expect to see fewer people using auction style listings since there is no way to cover the increase in selling fees. More fixed price (immediate purchase) listings will be used and prices will be raised moderately to cover the increased final value fees. New users who don’t notice the hidden final value fees will be shocked when they are billed $35.00 for selling their Playstation 3 (or whatever), have to pay $25.00 in shipping, and another $9.00 in PayPal fees. Suddenly that $300 they got from their sale has dropped down to around $225.” (source)

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