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How to get tethered internet on your iPhone for free without jailbreaking

09 Nov 2011  |  Tags: , , , ,

OK, so it’s not exactly free. And it’s not exactly the same as paying for it either. — But, it does give you tethered internet (“tethering”), and it works on iOS 3, 4, and even iOS 5.0!

First off, you have to be a developer. Being an iOS developer (costs $99/year) lets you run unapproved Apps on your iPhone … such as iProxy, which lets you setup a proxy server for your laptop for free web surfing on-the-go.

If you don’t know what a proxy server is, and you don’t know how to compile Apps for your iPhone, I suggest you don’t bother with this. :)

iProxy icon in iTunes

How to build this App yourself

Steps to get this awesome, open-source, Free App working:

  1. Compile iProxy with XCode (you’ll need to reset the “Code Signing” settings first)
  2. Go to the Project Menu, and click “Archive”. Follow the steps to install via iTunes.
  3. DONE. Configure it for your laptop — https://github.com/tcurdt/iProxy/wiki/Configuring-iProxy 

Occasionally, there’s an App that sneaks into the App Store with this code/feature hidden within it, but it’s pretty rare at this point. This approach is way better.

Building iProxy in XCode for iOS

What’s even more ironic, is the $99/year to Apple is cheaper than tethering with AT&T, and it’s a better value if you’re a geek and you like to mess with stuff like this.

The main reason I like this: I don’t actually need tethering, but, it’s handy when I do. I don’t use very much bandwidth, and I’m not willing to sacrifice my unlimited data with AT&T and pay more for tethering on top of that. This is perfect for me. It gives me access to a feature I almost never use.

iProxy running on iOS without jailbreaking, free tethering!

I just wish it were easier, but if it were, everyone would do it! — Action shot below:

MacBook Air tethered to an iPhone 4S using iProxy

Enjoy, as usual. If you like this, be sure to donate to the guys that built the App.

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